The Italian Kitchen Wood Fired Pizza Oven

Authentic Italian Pizza From The Italian Kitchen

A favourite saying here at The Italian Kitchen, is “an authentic Italian meal does more than nourish the body, it inspires the soul, bringing people and families together around ideas, laughter and love.”


There are quite a number of Italian restaurants in Dublin. What sets us apart from all the other’s is that authentic Italian cooking is at the heart of what we do and who we are. This is particularly prevalent in our wood-fired pizza.

In the Italian Kitchen at Clayton Hotel Dublin airport, all of our pizzas are kneaded, stretched, pulled and battered by hand, using specially imported Italian wheat. In fact, our Head Chef, Alan Brady, insists on sourcing only the finest authentic Italian ingredients, from the top Italian suppliers. Meaning, when you order an authentic Italian pizza, that’s exactly what you get.


From the flour in our pizzas, down to the olive, mineral water and wine that you wash your meal down with, are all carefully selected and imported specifically for the Italian Kitchen. It’s a good thing we’re so close to Dublin Airport! In fact, the Italian Kitchen is the highest rated Italian restaurant near Dublin airport!


But don’t take our word for it. Reserve your table now and once you have tasted a truly authentic Italian pizza, baked in a proper wood-fired oven; nothing else will do! Buon appetito!


To book a table online now visit or call: +35318711255

The Italian Kitchen at Clayton Hotel Dublin Airport, Stockhole Lane, Swords, Co Dublin