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Five Essential Ingredients For Italian Cooking

Italian cooking is more of an event than a process. Combining skills, experience and a true passion for good food, traditional recipes and fresh ingredients. The ingredients used during the preparation of a meal are vital and sourcing the right ingredient is often a make-or-break situation. There are a whole host of ingredients many will […]

How To Drink Coffee Like An Italian

Coffee culture is so in right now. You might think you’re well versed in the world of coffee; it’s something you drink every day, right? Well, you’ll see just how well versed you truly are when you walk into a coffee bar in Italy and order your double-shot skinny latte with almond milk and 2 […]

What Do Italians Eat At Christmas?

There’s quite a few of us out there that cannot imagine a traditional Christmas dinner without our roast turkey, ham, veggies & gravy. We fantasize and drool all year for the Christmas day indulgence, but the main feast is usually over quite quickly. Then, there’s Italy. If there’s one culture that know how to make […]

Authentic Italian Pizza From The Italian Kitchen

A favourite saying here at The Italian Kitchen, is “an authentic Italian meal does more than nourish the body, it inspires the soul, bringing people and families together around ideas, laughter and love.”   There are quite a number of Italian restaurants in Dublin. What sets us apart from all the other’s is that authentic […]

The Italian Kitchen Gift Card: Getting Christmas Under Wraps

Christmas is just around the corner and you now have just over one month left to get those Christmas presents under wraps! (Pun intended) The foodie in your life would be thrilled with a restaurant gift card, especially after all the cooking over the Christmas period. What better way to say thank you than a […]

Family dining this October Midterm Break in Dublin

With midterm break just around the corner spend quality time with your little ones at the family friendly and much loved Italian Kitchen restaurant in Dublin. When it comes to Italian restaurants near Santry, the Italian Kitchen benefits from being just off the M50 near Dublin Airport and the restaurant also boasts a short proximity […]

Dining at the Italian Kitchen Restaurant near Dublin Airport

When it comes to restaurants near Dublin Airport look no further than the Italian Kitchen. With a range of sumptuous options to choose from, featuring the best in authentic Italian cuisine you’re guaranteed to put a smile on everyone’s face when dining at the Italian Kitchen restaurant in Dublin. Menus options are carefully chosen and […]