Gelato at the Italian Kitchen

Classic Italian Desserts At The Italian Kitchen


Italian restaurants in Dublin don’t come much more authentic than The Italian Kitchen in the Clayton Hotel, Dublin Airport.

We take great pride in sourcing the best, freshest ingredients which we combine to bring you truly authentic Italian cuisine.

Not only is this evident through our pizza’s, pastas & beautiful main courses; but it’s a passion we bring into our dessert menu as well.

With this in mind, the Italian Kitchen brings classic Italian dessert options to our menu such as tiramisu, affogato, gelato and more.

As with any Italian classic, there’s a long history to these dishes, each with their own legends and myths. And true to any Italian dish, there’s also a lot of wrong ways to serve them!

So without any further ado, here is our definitive list of classic Italian desserts, served the authentic way that any Italian would be proud to bring home to their grandmother!



Tiramisu At The Italian Kitchen








Let’s face it, when you think of classic Italian desserts, there’s one dish that immediately springs to mind. 

The ultimate Italian indulgence is none other than the infamous Tiramisu!

Layered with mascarpone, “ladyfinger” biscuits, drizzled with espresso and then covered in a generous dusting of cocoa powder. Bellissimo! 

The origins of tiramisu are a little hazy, with different Italian regions all competing for its bragging rights.

However, it seems to be accepted that the man we have to thank for the creamy, chocolatey, caffeine kick, goes by the name of Roberto Loli Linguanotto.

Roberto, from all of us here at The Italian Kitchen, and the greater Western population, thank you!



Authentic Gelato









Ah, Gelato. Icecreams prettier, fitter & more successful cousin. The kind of cousin everyone in the family is proud of, and icecream just hates!

Gelato has a lot less fat, more intense flavour and a richer, smoother texture. Sorry icecream, but you’re just disappointing the family..

Icecream contains roughly 10-15% milkfat and plenty of sugar to strengthen the flavours so you can actually experience them over the dense milkfats. 

Gelato, however, contains an average of 0-8% milkfats. And because there is less fat, the flavour is more intense and the heavenly dessert contains fewer sugars.

On top of this, gelato is usually made with fresh fruits, nuts, cocoa and dried fruits. All of these add to the benefits of gelato, giving you a nice boost in antioxidants, vitamins and minerals that just are not present in the more processed icecream.



Authentic Affogato At The Italian Kitchen







The affogato is a dessert so simple, it’s perfect! 

Can’t decide between a post-meal coffee or an indulgent dessert? Why not both?

An affogato, in its purest form, is simply one scoop of high-quality vanilla gelato, served alongside a shot of espresso.

By pouring your espresso over your gelato, you are creating the perfect combination of hot & cold, bitter & sweet. 

The word affogato literally translates to “drowned” in Italian, referring to drowning your cold scoop of gelato in the piping hot espresso.

Some variations may include some crumbled honeycomb or biscotti, some may even include fresh berries. As with any Italian dish though, simplicity is best; don’t over-do the toppings and enjoy your affogato as God Italians intended.


Our Desserts

The dessert menu at the Italian kitchen holds a few more classics like Panna Cotta, Torta Arancione, Chocolate Terrine and more.

You can view our full dessert menu here.

As with all food in the Italian Kitchen, our desserts are made fresh, with the highest quality ingredients from the finest Italian suppliers. Ensuring you always receive a truly authentic Italian experience!

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